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‘Chellington' Letterpress woodtype typeface
‘Chellington' Letterpress woodtype typeface
‘Chellington' Letterpress woodtype typeface

‘Chellington' Letterpress woodtype typeface

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Introducing 'Chellington Chromatic' - a revival of Delittle No. 260 from 1925.

Using the 1925 Delittle Type Specimen and Dan X Solo's 'Flowline Open' (a redrawing of the later 1960s Delittle version) for reference for the missing letters, I've recreated the original 1925 woodtype typeface. 

'Chellington Chromatic' is made up of 'Chellington Inline' (shown in green) and 'Chellington Outline' (shown in orange), you can purchase either set individually, however used together you can create some beautiful chromatic effects (two colours creating a third colour).

10 line (42.3mm) version cut from end grain English hardwood using a combination of modern CNC technology and traditional hand woodworking tools (including an original printers saw), made to English type-high (0.918in or 23.3mm) within plus or minus 0.1mm tolerance, sealed with shellac and hand finished with a traditional polished printing surface.

Available as a 3A scheme - 120 letters  in the Chromatic, 60 letters in the Inline or Outline. Please see scheme details on the left.

I can also cut individual letters if you have a particular project in mind - please email what letters you would like.

English end grain hardwood, clear shellac

Each block varies in width however average size is 45mm x 23.3mm x 42.3mm

Made by Mark McKellier. Copyright 2020.

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