Looking forward Life of Pi film

Just discovered (pretty crap considering it was a announced in October 2005!) (thanks Elly) that Jean-Pierre Jeunet (the fabulously talented director of AmélieThe City of Lost ChildrenDelicatessenA Very Long Engagement and Alien Resurrection) is making the Life of Pi into a film, due for release in 2009.

Turning the book, by Yann Martel, would be a tricky film to make for any director due to the fact that the majority of it is set in a boat (have a look at Tom Hanks’s film Cast Away to see how easy it is for single location films to go wrong). However if there was any director that could pull it off then Jeunet is that man – it fits in perfectly with his favourite theme of a story of an orphan fighting against a monster. All his films are full of beautiful visuals with so much attention to detail that you have to watch each film at least three times to spot them all.

I have all his film on DVD, my favourite being The City of Lost Children – it’s the only film I saw on the large screen (Manchester Corner House), it’s the film my partner and I saw on our first date – she was a fan of Delicatessen and also because Jeunet’s favourite actor Dominique Pinon plays seven identical brothers – excellent!

Check out the strange interactive promo of the book.

Good interview with Jeunet, talking about all of his films, including Life of Pi.

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