Installing a rise and fall light

This time last year we brought a cool rise and fall light from an interiors shop in Liverpool called Utility. It’s remained in its box since then, put aside as ‘another small job to do’! However as it’s getting close to Christmas I thought I’d install it – the light is going above the dining table. Although the instructions were in Italian the diagrams were clear and I soon had the the fitting up – amzingly the weight (to pull the light up and down) is perfectly balanced – it didn’t work until the shade was on – it’s really cool – lighting up just the table, very intimate dining – why didn’t I put it up earlier?!


Luceplan – Costanza
The suspension version allows a very flexible use of this lamp, because it can be applied to any part of the ceiling even when there is no available mains plug on it. And that goes both for the one with the vertically adjustable shaft and ceiling hook, and for the up-down one directly adjustable by means of its distinctive counterweight.
Costanza, with its light and resistant shade that diffuses a warm and pleasant light and with its unmistakable profile, fits naturally into any setting without posing any restraints on matching styles. Fascinating and inimitable, it can recreate the most traditionally accepted atmospheres as a domestic image and is always in the vanguard due to its refined technology.

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