Buying a clever remote control

One of the downsides to having speakers in the kitchen but having the hifi in the room next door is the inability to use the remote control to change tracjs, volume etc. Not any more! Thanks to SmartHomes new RF adapter I can now make my infrared remote work through walls. It works by changing the infrared signals to radio waves, by swapping one of the battries (AA or AAA) with the adapter and installing the rather smart reciver near the hifi it works seamlessly. Clever gadget!


Details and Specification:
The internal RF adapter has a AAA-size transmitter and AA-size sleeve, so it can extend your existing remote control’s operating range, regardless of which type of battery it requires. It will work with almost any remote control you’d like. Want to use it with more than one remote? Not a problem: add as many internal RF adapters (sold separately) as you’d like. For homes where maintaining the décor is a prime concern, the system can be hidden from view by using the included Bright Eye Emitter, an unobtrusive, adhesive-backed LED at the end of a 6-foot cable.

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