Enjoying a Google challenge

I like to think that I’m pretty good at ‘googling’ – I’ve learnt of the clever things you can do (did you know google can do caculations for you? type in a sum and it gives you the answer) and so I like being given a search challenge – today my daughter wanted the words for the corrupted Jingle Bells (with Batman smells in the lyrics!) – easy googled – “Jingle Bells” batman lyrics – (note the quotes) – print out within 20 seconds. Next an mp3 of the ‘cat song’ we heard at the Eistedfford at Llangollen – tricky this as we didn’t have the real name of the song or who sung it, or the composer – first off googled Russian Cat song Llangollen – which gave us a review of the performance and also the name of the song and the composer – The Cats` Duet (Duetto Buffo di due gatti) by Gioacchino Rossini – googled that adding mp3 and got a performance of it by an American college – all within 2 minutes of searching! The last challenge was to find a song we heard while on holiday in Cuba over 7 years ago – no clue apart from it had something to do with a pineapple! So googled – “song about pineapple” Cuban tradional – amazingly it came up with a review of a CD called Son Cubano NYC, featuring a song called ‘Cuchillo Para La Pina Cubana’ by Charlie Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto – the translation of which is ‘The knife in the pineapple’ – checked out a sample on Amazon and sure enough it was the song! Swiftly ordered th CD for a Christmas present for my partner. What did we do before Google?

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