Taking part in a live ebay auction

I’d been looking around on ebay to see what prices Sasha dolls were going for (to see if ours had increased in value), came across an ebay live auction for some – exacallty like an ordinary ebay auction, except it’s live and you have to pay auctioneers commission. So I signed up to the auction (you have to be registered) and logged on to see what happened – you see the lots on screen, and the number and value of bids, all thanks to javascript. The auction contained over 500 lots so they whizzed through them – all the Sasha fetched good prices – a rare one went for £1000! I ended up buying some other dolls – might save them for Christmas presents or flog them on ordinary ebay – they didn’t reach their estimate so hopefully I’ve got a bargain. A fun experience alround!

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