Weatherboarding – day 1

Not sure if weatherboarding is a verb, but that’s what I’ve being doing, well to be precise preparing to weatherboard – our 70s bungalow has timber cladding on the eaves which has now started to rot so we’re replacing it with Eternit’s modern weatherboard equivalent – made from cement – looks like wood though but’ll last longer and is miles better than a upvc equivalent – plus having replaced the front of the house last year it makes the house look like it belongs next to the sea, especially with the boats parked in front!
So it was the turn of the back of the house – today I’ve ripped the old cladding off, not too difficult being equipped with a crow bar, but as you have to take the boards off against the way they were layed, ie they overlap from the top, but I’m starting from the bottom it’s hard work, especially as I had to keep moving the scaffolding tower. And it got scary near the very top too! Anyway 8 + hours later And I’d removed all but the last foot near the apex. Now all I have to do is put the new boards on, fill any gaps, paint them twice etc etc etc….

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