Picking up the Topaz

According to the AA, Thrapston in Northamptonshire is about 3 hours from my house, according to Michelin, its 2 and a half! Armed with various route plans I set off early with the new trailer towing behind – the route was via the M6, and for speed via the M6 toll road. Couldn’t do more than 60 with the trailer so got stuck with slow lorries and caravans, arrived on time, though forgot that a car and trailer gets charged double of the M6 toll – £7! The sailing club was busy, the Topaz filthy (hansn’t been in the water since May, and then only once!), however the guy selling was friendly, showing me the rigging etc and helping me get her on the trailer – she’s in good condition – a quick session with a jet wash I think! Took over 4 hours getting home though – couldn’t do more than 50 towing – arrived in one piece though.

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