Sailing a catamaran

Our course now had 2 people in so we virtually had 1-1 tution! The winds were getting up this morning so our instructor reef the Pico sail so that I didn’t capsize too often. Problem was the tide was strong too so although I coped with tacking and gybing I ended up a far way down the shoreline! Still not completely sure about the points of sail but had more fun then yesterday! Finished our course in the morning so the instructor suggested we try sailing a catamaran in the afternoon – slightly apprehensive but gave it a go – totally amazing! Flying along at what seemed 50 miles an hour hanging on for dear life and battling with the tiller it was pure adreline rush! Even manged to capsize it too which was quite a shock! Had a go at trapezing too – wow! Want to more of that. Boat we sailed? Dart 16.

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