Doing my RYA Level 1 sailing course

Arrived at Plas Menia at 9am (it’s only an hour from home). Quickly went through a welcome talk and on to a equipment fit out – wetsuit (with a hole in the bum!) helmets (for when you get hit by the boom!), spray jackets and buoyancy aids – felt very warm wearing all that inside! Ben, our instructor talked through rigging, using our boats, the Laser Pico and within 15 minutes we were on the water! Sun was out, but so was the wind – within minutes of launching 3 people had capsized! It started to come back to me – helped by Bens reference to holding the tiller extension ‘like a microphone’ and when tacking reaching over the side ‘to feed the fish’ – sounds daft but it works! I dd up up falling in though, but only the once and the Pico is easy to right. Spent most of the morning going up and down learning to tack, before Ben tied all the boats together and towed us in for lunch. 3 people were so pissed off with constantly falling in that they gave up and transferred to another course! What did they expect?! After lunch we set off again and this time learnt to gybe as well – the wind was now up to about 15 knots so although you could fly once you got going, one false move and I was in! Despite the large adrenalin rush I felt completely knackered when day 1 of the course finished at 5pm. Sailing in sea is alot more fun than on a lake! Roll on day two!

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