Researching dinghys

Having struggled with lifting and launching our Heron I’ve been totally put off even attempting to sail Jemima singlehanded, although possible I don’t have the strength to right her if I capsize, assuming she didn’t sink first! So today I’ve decided to research singlehanded dinghys – a huge market, but if you stick to a main stream manufacturer there seem to be around 4 or 5 to choose from. My first port of call is the RSFeva, a newcomer to the market, though RS racing have been around a while. The Feva is designed for the novice/sailing school/family market, though you can race her with the XL model. It’s a light boat, weighing only 63kg and looks like it’ll be roomy enough to hold me, though the the website has lots of pics of youths racing her! I certainly like the idea of being able to add a jib and get some of the family to crew, don’t think we’d all fit in though. Biggest downside is the cost, there isn’t an established 2nd hand market yet, so I’d be looking at neraly £3K for a new one (inc covers, trolleys etc) – not sure I can go that far – the search continues!

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