Trying to sail Jemima

Finally got our dinghy in the water today – I’ve never towed a trailer before so it was a little scary – had to stop a few times to check the tie-down straps but all went ok – virtually impossible to reverse, which became a problem when we missed a turning! Our nearest inland lake is Manley Mere, a small lake about 30 minutes away. When we arrived at 4.30pm most other users were packing up so we had the lake to ourselves. Lifting the dinghy onto the launching trolley was quite easy, as was putting her in the water (though the tyres did float!). Problems soon arose though when it became apparent that the wind was blowing inshore, as soon as we got any sails up we were blown towards the bank – I ended up waist deep trying to keep her away, but as neither of us had sailed for 15 years it soon became apparent we’d forgotten what to do! sailing is not like riding a bike! So as we had our daughter with us we abandoned the trip. Not a complete waste of time as we got to water test Jemima – she floated ok and let a little water in, but she was eager to go, pity we couldn’t let her! Now I need to find a club doing RYA Level 1 dinghy courses.

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