Visiting Anglesey

Some friends were taking a break on Anglesey this week and as it isn’t far from us we took the day off to visit. I’ve never been, odd considering it is so close, though I suppose it’s hardly a real island as it’s connected to Wales via 2 bridges. Skye has lost its appeal too now you can drive across – much prefer a ferry and the idea of being cut off! Interesting drive to the island – took us through 3 tunnels cut through the mountain side. The bridge across wasn’t anything spectacular, the view across the aby was good. Anglesey itself reminded me of the Isle of Man, lots of ‘seaside’ houses in various pastel colours – very traditional with slate roofs – though apparently houses are really expensive as lots of people retire here. Sat on the harbour with a pint watching a regatta, lots of small dinghys, though couldn’t see any Herons – wished we brought Jemima, though I’m not sure we’re up to starting off in the sea! Friends house was 100 yards from a beach way from all the built up touristy bits – nice weather, a great place to get away from it all – will return with tent and dinghy next summer!

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