Laying an oak floor

As the patio has now been laid we can now sort out the floor in the dining room – we’d bought a job lot of engineered oak flooring in the January sales (18 months ago!) – one up from laminate flooring – same principle, but using a 3mm layer of real oak on the top, so that you get a nice varying range of grain. We’d already layed 2 rooms with the floor, the rest being stored under in the dining room – under the sofa! Easy stuff to lay, like most laminate, but of course when it came to the last row I had an annoying 1 inch strip to fit – anyway it’s down now, so that’s another room finished – just the tiles in the kitchen, oh and the kitchen floor, oh and the bathrooms, and the weatherboarding on the back, and er, the extension roof….and then I suppose I’ll have to start all over again!

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