Playing with another Arcam

I once read somewhere in a hifi magazine that it was a good idea to have your CD player and amp matched, made by the same manufacturer. My current CD player, a Marantz CD6000OSE (in gold!) is ok for the price I paid, but I’ve always been on the look out for an Arcam CD. Last wek my search paid off with a decent search and bid on ebay (I hate to by retail, so ebay was a good place to start looking).I picked up a CD72 for £175 (were £500 new) – the CD72 has had many positive reviews and after hooking it up I can see why – you get what you pay for! It’s a shame that Arcam are fiddling (again) with my A75 and P80 (some electrical surge problem) so I’ll have to wait till next week to get the full sound/picture.

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