Visiting London – day 4

I remember visiting the Tower of London when I was about 8 – it wasn’t the most pleasant of experiences because of the queues – you felt like cattle. So I was pleasantly surprised by the improvements made – the entrance is now through a modern ‘plaza’ (for want of a better word) – a granite affair paid for by the Gettys, which has a very peaceful feel about it, they might be queues, but not many, and who cares anyway! Only the price was painful, but this is London. The Tower was as I remembered it – funny stories from Beefeaters, the Ravens, the armour, the canons, the ridiculous queing system for the Crown Jewels (wasn’t busy but we still had to go through about 200m of queing gates! I had forgotten the number of spiral staircases, but when you’re young it probably doesn’t still a problem.

Funniest moment was when (like most children) we came across Henry VIIIs ridiculous armour and my daughter pointed out he ‘must have had a big fat willy’! See the pic below to see why!

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