Reading the Liberal Democrat manifesto

Just read the Welsh version of the Liberal Democrats manifesto – the best idea is to create a Welsh parliament – it works well for Scotland, so why not for Wales? Not sure about the axing of Council Tax – local income tax would surely create a situation where low income areas are being funded by higher income areas – which could lead to residential ‘friction’ – “I paid for your bin collection” etc.

I’ve decided that as I’m NOT going to vote Conservative (spent too many years with Thatcher to have them back in!) my real choice is between Labour and the LibDems – anyone else is just too small to make a difference, so I’m off to see what Labour can do for Wales!


• Put Patients First – cut waiting times.

• Free personal care when you need it – no one forced to sell their home to pay for care.

• No tuition fees, no top-up fees – university affordable for every student.

• More investment in rural and urban schools – spend the Child Trust Fund money where it matters most.

• 500 more police on the streets – cutting crime and the fear of crime.

• £25 more on the pension every week at 75 – 50,000 pensioners off means testing.

• Axe the Council Tax – Local Income Tax is both fair and affordable.

• We should not have gone to war in Iraq – it’s time to restore trust in the Government.

• Take the environment seriously – cut pollution, cut congestion, and boost renewable energy.

• A Welsh Parliament – giving Wales the tools to do the job.

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