Editing with iMovie

Like most new parents I seem to have recorded an awful lot of video footage of my daughter for the last 5 years, not a bad thing, but unless I do something with it the tapes (all 15 of them) will never get watched and they do contain some great stuff.
As my digicam (Canon Mv450i – I’ve always brought Canon cameras, must be a ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ mentality) happily plugs into my Mac I thought I’d give iMovie a go – not used it much since it was introduced, but as I brought iLife last year (for Garageband – great music application) I thought I’d best try it out again. Starting with 2001 (not in any order this project!) iMovie easily loaded all the clips (as it was over 30 mins long I just let it run). Then I realised it would be better to just work on one event, not a whole year at a time! By the time I worked out what bits to take out (dodgy camera angles etc) I was left with about 5 minutes – now I wished I had worked out a shooting plan, but hey, this is real life events, not some blockbuster!. However by using music to mask the ‘good shots bad sound track’ sections and using simple fades (not sure who would use some of the more clever transitions)I’ve ended up with a ‘cute’ little film about a trip to the zoo. The final part to this is to produce a DVD, using iDVD, for each year, with each event as a seperate film on the DVD – never used iDVD though so I hope it’s as simple as iMovie!

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