Visiting London – day 2

The Royal Festival Hall is an ugly concrete building (next to that other other ugly concrete building The National Theatre), however it does have some beautiful aspects inside, and as it is only a 5 minute walk away we decided to enjoy a leisurely Sunday morning there. Most Sundays they have live music – today it was the Sugar Ray Ford Orchestra playing swing and R&B music – a 10 piece band having a great time, and in front lots of people dancing, proper moves too!

To watch we sat in the temporary exhibition Salon Afrique -part of the Africa Remix event- the Royal Festival Hall’s Ballroom transformed into a vibrant and colourful lounge-style venue, with a contemporary African feel. Designed by Moroccan-born artist Hassan Hajjaj – seating made from drink crates, tables made from signs and colourful carpets and curtains – comfortable too! Great for enjoying the band!

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