Battling with the mower

I’m told that Easter is roughly the first day of Spring – and that means digging out the lawnmower and battling with it for hours to get it to start. It’s a kind of ritual on our estate – Sunday mornings and you’re awoken to the sound of mowing – almost a mating call to the other blokes to start their engines – I’m sure there is a competition to see who will be out the first!

But if you haven’t touched the mower since September it’s unlikely to start first time, if at all – ours is Hayter Double 3 – a big brute of a thing, far to big for the lawn, but as Tim Allen used to say in Home Improvement – ‘More Power!’. The only hint I’d picked up this year was to use fresh petrol – apparently modern petrol ‘goes off’ in 6 weeks. So I fiiled the beast with petrol and gave the starter a tug, 4 pulls later it spluttered into life! I was so amazed I stalled the engine! Soon had it going again and within 20 minutes my soon-to-be-weekly chore was done – didn’t take long before another couple of mowers started up – my mating call had been heard – graghhhhh!

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