Reading Vernon God Little

Winner of the Man Booker Prize 2003, Vernon God Little, by DPC Pierre, takes a little time to get into – but as I found if you read it with an American accent, even better a Texan one, it’s alot easier to read.

A black comedy about a teenager caught up in a media circus over a school class killing, it predicts the future of US TV shows where audiences decide the fate of death row inmates. Mix that with a boy who judges women and girls by the kind of underwear they might have from his mums lingerie catalogue and you’ve got a really weird, but quite funnt story!

As Andrew O’Hagan put it
‘You know what this terrific book is like? It’s like The Osbournes invited The Simpsons round for a root beer, and Don DeLillo dropped by to write a new song for Eminem.’

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