Still not sure that MMR is safe

BBC NEWS | Health | ‘No link’ between MMR and autism

“Scientists say they have strong evidence that the MMR vaccination is not linked to a rise in autism.

Researchers looked at the incidence of autism in a Japanese city before and after the withdrawal of the measles, mumps and rubella jab in 1993.

New Scientist reports autism rates kept rising after MMR was withdrawn.

Michael Rutter, of the Institute of Psychiatry, who worked on the study, said it “rubbished” the link between MMR and a general rise in autism.

However, autism campaigners said they would want to see more conclusive proof from UK-based studies before being convinced the jab was safe.”


When it came to vaccinations for my daughter we read all the arguments for and against – as no one could say MMR jab will have NO side affects we opted for the single jab route – not a cheap option at £60 per jab, plus we had to go to Sheffield to have it done.

The main reason though wasn’t the autism issue, but the concern about bombarding my daughters immune system with a whole load of measles, mumps and rubella antibodies to deal with at once, after all a vaccination is in fact giving you a tiny dose of the illness – it makes far more sense to give a child one jab at a time and spread out.

I’m convinced the only reason the government wants to push MMR, rather than single jab, is purely one of costs, not the health of our children – it simply is cheaper to give 3 doses together in one visit, than to spread them out with 3 seperate trips to the GP.

If you want to go the seperate jab route try here

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