Installing a window

At the end of last year I replaced all the cladding on the front of the house with Eternit weatherboard – looks like the traditional cedar weatherboard, but is in fact made from cement resin – even has the woodgrain in! Anyway I discovered that the front bedroom window was rotten, in that in danger of the right pane falling out! So as it’s a standard size I thought quick call to Travis Perkins and a new wooden window arrived – not a fan of uPVC – don’t like white, don’t like the fact you can’t change the colour if you want to, hate the fact that uPVC windows are destroying the architectural heritage of Britain (STOP REPLACING VICTORIAN SASH WINDOWS WITH THIS CRAP!) and uPVC is NOT environmental friendly, plus they won’t last as long – 10 years max and then the suns uv rays will have trashed them! So enough ranting – I sawed through the old window, stuck parcel tape to the middle pane and smashed the glass – not as easy as I thought that – and then pulled out the old window – it was only held in with 2 nails! 1970s builders! Slotted the new window in, pushed in the new glass (sealed units) and nailed in the beading to hold the glass in. Sounds easy writing it all down – it took me ALL DAY! Don’t think I’ll go into business doing it – wouldn’t make much money!

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