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Checking my bees


It’s always a relief to see my bees flying in the spring – they’re pretty inactive over the winter, spending most of their time in a cluster keeping warm. Today the sun was out and so were the bees – this colony is a Buckfast queen and surprisingly large for the time of year – fingers crossed for a good honey year and a healthy colony. Bzzzzzz!


Growing bizarre carrots


Just been thinning out the carrots in the veg plot and pull up a couple that appear to be in love! Not sure how this happening, but it’s quite cute!

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Discovering a dry stone wall


We’ve got a very old privet hedge (the spiky kind) as one of the boundaries in our garden. We haven’t cut it since we moved in, so it’s begining to look scruffy. As its over 2 metres tall I had to work out where to put the ladder, while clearing away the bottom I discovered a dry stone wall! A very neat job about 2 foot high made out of small stones which follows the shape of the hedge in an elegant wave. It’s been built to support the bank that the hedge is growing on. Why the previous owners left become overgrown in rather lurid pink creeping flowers I don’t know, but know it’s a feature of the garden – what a find!

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