at the Latitude Festival – Day Two

You never sleep well at a festival, the boom of late night DJ sets and people tripping over your guy ropes ensures you get a max of 4 hours. I was awoken to a very Latitude alarm clock – the cry of ‘Jemima! Brioche?‘. Thankfully things don’t kick off to around noon – our first act was the brilliant San Fermin. Possibly used to a night slot they never the less were full of energy in the BBC 6 music tent. We were on the front row so managed to get some great photos:



San Fermin turned out to be the highlight of the day as despite some serious running around we never got as close to anyone – caught the end of Mighty Oaks, a little of Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott, most of the excellent John Wizards and then Crystal Fighters.

The evening started off with Goat who despite the heat were in their iconic masks and headgear, followed by Anna Calvi – a bit of an amazing Jekell and Hyde performance – sultry one minute and rock chick guitarist the next.

Slowdive (lead singer wearing an excellent ‘Shoegazer’ tshirt) were a good warm up for the final act of the night Mogwai which has to be the loudest gig I’ve ever been to – excellent performance but my internal organs did jump around to the bass!

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