Retiring an old workhorse

It’s a fitting coincidence that in the week that Apple celebrates 30 years of the Mac I replace my ageing MacBook Pro – I say ageing – it was brought in 2009 but in computing terms it’s a pensioner. So I’ve given it to my daughter to enjoy a gentle retirement doing nice things like playing Sims and watching YouTube cat videos, rather than huff and puff over a 1Gb Photoshop file. It’s replacement is a much leaner thing, very eager to please and galloping along with it’s Adobe chums.

I’ve added my first Mac, a Classic II, (I still have it and it still boots up too!) to Apple’s Your First Mac celebration and realised I’ve been using one for over 23 years – the attic is turning into a small Mac museum – interestingly I’ve always spent the same amount of money on each machine over those years!


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