Checking my bees

It’s always a relief to see my bees flying in the spring – they’re pretty inactive over the winter, spending most of their time in a cluster keeping warm. Today the sun was out and so were the bees – this colony is a Buckfast queen and surprisingly large for the time of year – fingers crossed for a good honey year and a healthy colony. Bzzzzzz!

2 thoughts on “Checking my bees

  1. Mouseguard off? I’ve left mine on in case winter produces a nasty ps. Left on the woodpecker protection as well – can’t claim any expertise as I am just starting my 3rd season. Like you, the relief and sense of expectation when you see them busy after winter is just wonderful.

    1. This hive (I have 7 others around the county) is in my garden – never bothered with a mouse guard as I have 3 cats and mice tend not to live long! Don’t have to worry about woodpeckers, but do have a kestrel that flys over occasionally, sometimes it sits on the bench eyeing up the chickens!

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