Watching my time

Or should that be ‘realising what little time I have for me’

I love those pie charts and histograms you get in newspapers like the Guardian, which show you how much time or money is spent on a current news item, so I thought I’d do my own and see why I don’t have much time for this blog!

I’m a creature of habit, I love routines, mine is to get up at 6.50am, shower, get dressed, make my partner a cup of tea (won’t do anything without that!), make my daughters lunch box, feed the rabbits, feed myself, get my daughter up and dressed, drive to the train station, read my book on the train, get a coffee, read my emails, wook till 1pm, get lunch, work till 6pm, catch the train (read again), drive home, catch up with my family while making dinner, play with my daughter, get her ready for bed, watch telly and go to bed at 11.30pm.

Ok, weekends are a bit more random, but here it is expressed as a pie chart:


Strange thing is, although I love a routine I also like surprises and doing implusive things too!

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