Enjoying Paul Weller

The Liverpool Summer Pops may have moved venues but the familar yellow and green striped tent made you feel at home. We were there to see Paul Weller, a sold out gig with a real mixed crowd of all ages. Paul was on tremendous form (can’t believe he’s 47) encouraged by a energetic crowd who the moment he came on all stood up chanting ‘Weller’ in a football chant (well it is Liverpool!). He had a change of guitar for virtually every song – memorable songs include ‘Peacock Suit’, ‘Wild Wood’, ‘Wishing on a Star’, ‘You do something to me’, ‘The Changing Man’, plus 2 Jam songs ‘That’s Entertainment’ and ‘Town called Malice’ which had the crowd going mad (lots of 40 year Mods in th audience!), plus Style Council classics like ‘Shout to the Top’ and ‘You’re the best thing’. His band was great – nice to see a brass section and the drummer did a fantastic solo. A fantastic gig which Paul obviously enjoyed – great to see him on form – hope his new album ‘As Is Now’ goes places. The support act – Edgar Jones – a local band was really good – the singer sounding very ‘black’ despite being a skinny white guy.

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