Gardening in the rain

Typical Bank Holiday weather today – started off with sunshine, then just as I’d got out the planting plan Crocus had done for me it started to rain! So there I am with printouts starting to run (the joy of inkjet), plants still in their pots and ground turning to mud. So I thought sod it I’m going to plant these come what may, at which point it started to rain harder! So there I was wet through, up to my wellies in mud (clay soil) digging out holes with my hands as it was quicker – but it’s done now, 1 border planted out, only 2 to go. Of course what Crocus didn’t show me on the plan was the fact that for the first couple of years there is going to be big gaps between the plants, border looks naked, you don’t get much green stuff for £200! Time for a shower I think! (and not outside!).

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