Smashing up tarmac

The new patio was laid within an existing tarmac area (strange stuff to make paths from, but hey it was the 70s) – foolishly I hadn’t asked the patio guys to dig up the rest of the tarmac (they just dug a neat circle within it). So today I’ve been smashing up the rest in order to lay turf up to the patio – not being equipped with a jack hammer I resorted to ‘Percy’ the sledge hammer, a trusted favourite tool – worked fine, but for a small area of 2 sqm I’ve ended up with 6 wheelbarrows of rubble (and minor sun burn) – time for another skip? Turf went down ok (taken from another part of the garden) – full of dandelions – could use that lawn treatment stuff that kills the weeds, but we’d probably end up with no lawn!

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