Rediscovering Lego

I spent my childhood playing with Lego – my brother and I would tip out the box (a mix of various long forgotten models and kits) and painstakingly divide each colour and type of block so that we had roughly the same amount, w would then spend hours making all kinds of cars, houses, space rockets and the like before breaking everything up again and putting it all back in the box!

So I’m glad to see that my daughter has discovered Lego as it means I can start playing again! It’s changed since I was a boy – it’s alot more bespoke, alot of the parts sem to only have one purpose in a particular kit, ok the basic blobks are still there in those primary colours, but it’s got more complicated – I mean, do we really need a Harry Potter or Spiderman made from Lego? It has lost some of the imgination, but I’m glad to my daughter making animals, cars and houses from scratch, without the need of specialist kits – a big box of ‘Creator’ and we’re away!

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