Watching The 100 Greatest Cartoons

Another one of those Channel 4 programmes – but this time I watched the whole thing (normally I flake out half way through). Sad thing is that I knew all but 10 of these cartoons – agree completely with the number 1 – The Simpsons – a classic, I’m glad to see all the Pixar movies in the top 20 (my daughters first film at the cinema was Finding Nemo – think mine was The Jungle Book). I’d forgotten about Ren and Stimpy (no 18) – pity Futurama was only at no. 26 – why did Fox drop it after 4 seasons – it’s up there with The Simpsons. Some my favourite full length animations featured: Belleville Rendezvous which came in at No. 76 and Tim Burton’s fantastic The Nightmare Before Christmas at No. 13. Great show!

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